Dogs in the City

Dogs in the City

Life within the concrete jungle may seem cliche and worn out when it comes to dog ownership – the neurotic little pooch with no where to go and nothing to see is about as common place an image in large cities as bright lights and traffic. But what at first glance may seem like common sense turns out to be more nonsense. Case in point: the Chihuahua is actually one of the worst choices for apartment living due to its high, nervous energy and tendency to bark. One of the best? Believe it or not, the Great Dane with its calm nature more prone to loafing than trouble.

Still, it helps to keep in mind a few good pointers when it comes to small apartment living with your dog in order to keep cabin fever at bay:

1. Plenty of toys to pass the time, especially food puzzles – toys with treats inside giving your dog a challenge to contend with all day long.

2. Training always helps. It’s called obedience training for a reason and teaching your dog a few simple tricks like sit or stay helps to instill a sense of discipline which then translates to tranquility.

3. Plenty of walk and outside playtime. You can’t ignore it – you’re dog instinctively needs to walk and run around outdoors. At least, 45 minutes per day to relieve stress caused from being inside for long periods of time. If 45 minutes is too much for you all at once due to other responsibilities, consider a dog walker or even hiring someone to take your dog to playgroups.

No, you don’t have to deal with a fidgety barker while living in the city. But you will need to behave like a dog owner living in the city. After all, there is nothing quite like a calm companion to complement the busy professional at work or play with everything city living has to offer – and that includes big and small.

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