How do I socialize my puppy?

Who wants to socialize their puppy? Do you know what socialization means? Are you socialized?

Let’s first start with a proper definition. Socialization literally means learning to be a part of society. And when used in the context of socializing a puppy, it means acclimating that puppy to a life lived within a human society. In other words, to socialize a […]

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Should I brush my dogs teeth?

As dog owners, we all know we’re supposed to brush our own teeth after every meal or at least three times per day – of course, whether we do or not is another story. But did you know brushing your dog’s teeth could be just as beneficial to their oral health as brushing your own teeth should be?

Why would you […]

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How much exercise does my dog need?

Ah . . . Dog owners. We come in all different shapes and sizes with pet canines ranging from the tiniest Toy Poodle to the the biggest Great Dane on either side of the Mississippi. We take care of our beloved pooches in a wide variety of residential establishments that include the common suburban home, double-wide trailers, the largest country […]

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What is a Pet Sitter?

So you need to head out of town on an “extended vacation” and you’re not too sure what to do with the kids – that is: Pets. Your emergency departure has left you scratching your head about kennels, boarding facilities . . . pet resorts? Aren’t those things expensive? Not to mention you have a bird, and most pet service […]

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How do you protect your dog in the winter?

With the cold weather here and in full throttle, it is important that one stays warm and protected from the chilly weather. The same goes for your dog. Here are a few tips on how to keep your fury friend happy and healthy during the wintry months.

Paw Protection: Often you will see dogs wearing shoes in the wintertime. Despite how […]

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Filtered Water Or Not?

Summer is nearly upon us. Which means: Water! And quite like us, water makes up about 60% of your dogs total body mass. Which means: replenish or die . . . or at least feel less than adequate. As a general rule, your dog should be consuming about one ounce of water per pound of body weight every day. So […]

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Dog Park Etiquette

Oh, the dog park – probably the most anticipated dog/owner area to visit in most any city. And perhaps one of the most stressful. One can never really be sure what to expect from either your dog or other people. But there are plenty of common sense protocols to keep in mind to secure a pleasant dog park experience for […]

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Dogs in the City

Life within the concrete jungle may seem cliche and worn out when it comes to dog ownership – the neurotic little pooch with no where to go and nothing to see is about as common place an image in large cities as bright lights and traffic. But what at first glance may seem like common sense turns out to be […]

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How to Administer SQ Fluids to Dogs and Cats

Chances are that sooner or later in your lifetime as a pet owner, your furry friend will fall ill and need extra fluids that are delivered via subcutaneous fluid therapy (SQ fluids, for short). In cats, the cause is often kidney disease; in dogs, a jaw injury. Basically, anything that prevents the animal from imbibing a satisfactory amount of fluids. […]

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Give Your Pet a Staycation

It may be tempting to bring your best canine or feline friend on vacation, think twice before booking for the both of you. Hurdles at the airport, in finding suitable lodging, and state-to-state laws can make it difficult to travel trouble free with your dog or cat.

Plane and Car Trips: Check with your chosen airline before you book […]

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