Studies have shown that 60% of pets in America are classified as overweight and that the incidence of animal obesity is escalating. Similar to humans, overweight  animals run a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and joint and hip difficulties, among other problems that lead to expensive visits to the vet and potentially limit pet’s lifespan.

One of the best ways to help animals reduce and keep off their excess weight is to ensure they receive daily exercise. To address this need, Pawfect Love Pet Care has launched a pet fitness program designed to prevent potential issues from arising and help to rehabilitate pets with preexisting conditions. You come back home to a happy, well adjusted, and energetic friend!

Still not convinced? All of your dogs walks are now GPS Tracked using Pet Check Technology™ ! Experience the Real-Time Certainty™ of knowing when and where each walk occurs, and for how long. Convenient scheduling online allows you to view past and future scheduled dog walks, as well as schedule any last minute requests!

55-60 Minute Visit / $25.00
25-30 Minute Visit / $15.00


A perfect alternative to a longer walking, our 10-15 minute visit offers a mid-day break for relief and fresh air for your pup.