Microchip Implants: The 411

 Our pets are no doubt adventurers at heart, and can we blame them? But no matter how diligent owners are about closing doors and patching loose fences, an escape is often only a matter of time—until now.
 Cue microchips, the teeny tiny technology that provides pets with an extra level of protection when a collar or tag slips off. The chip, […]

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Feline Diabetes: The Basics

 While the differences between our animals and us are indeed vast, the similarities between human diabetes and feline diabetes are anything but.  As with humans, when a cat eats, the body transforms the ingested food into energy. The pancreas’ enzymes and hormones aid this seemingly simple process. One of those hormones, insulin, assists in balancing and regulating blood sugar levels. […]

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Tis the Season!

 While we prepare feasts for our family and to tackle the New Year, it’s also important to consider our furry friends. Here are some important tips on how to keep your animals safe and free of harm this winter.
In the Dog House
Like we humans, pets should also seek refuge indoors for the frosty winter months. If your pooch insists on […]

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Curbing Your Pets Back-to-School Blues!

As parents and children head back to school, schedules and household routines change. Adjusting to a new routine affects every member of the household including our four legged pals. This transition time between a summer filled with vacations and excursions to beaches or parks, to a structured routine with more alone time, may be a difficult one.

Pets who have become […]

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Four Reasons Why You Should NEVER Attend a Circus that Uses Animals

 1. The Care and Treatment of Animals in Circuses Is Shameful
The tricks that animals are forced to perform, night after night, are frightening, unnatural, and even painful. Standard circus industry practice is to use bull hooks and other objects to poke, prod, strike, shock, and hit animals in order to “train” them — although this may not be what’s seen […]

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Leadership 101 For Your Small Breed Dog

 Staying consistent as a leader with your small breed may be a challenge. We have outlined a few tips to improve the relationship between you and your beloved little canine while asserting yourself as the leader of your pack!
1. Practice “Mealtime.” It’s important!
The pack leader is in charge of feeding the pack in a natural environment. Free feeding your dog […]

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The Small Dog Syndrome

Any of us  which own a small breed can easily understand through experience the term “Small Dog Syndrome”. Frequently present in small dog breeds, this behavioral issue is manifested through separation anxiety, aggression, difficulty in house training, and stress. Although more common in small breeds, it is usually the fault of the owner. Owner education, behavior modification, and rehabilitation are the remedies […]

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Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Take Your Dog to Work Day is Friday, June 24th! What a great way to celebrate our wonderful companions and promote pet adoption from shelters in your community. Find out how to get involved, organize your event and obtain useful tips by visiting the TYDTWDay website.

The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) conducted a survey reporting pet trends in the […]

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Staying Safe While Having Fun in the Sun

Summer, a time for outdoor fun with our pets and the season associated with a higher risk for hyperthermia (commonly known as heat stroke). Our pets cool their body temperature by panting which is the movement of warm air out of the body. Panting, although effective under moderate temperatures, may become inefficient at cooling the body at higher temperatures and/or […]

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Six Easy Tips To Keep Your Pet In Shape

According to statistics more than half of our nation’s pets are currently overweight. These pets (over 90 million of them) are at a higher risk for developing health issues such as arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

The task of slimming down our pets may appear be a difficult one, but may in fact be easier than you think. […]

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