How much exercise does my dog need?

Ah…Dog owners. We come in all different shapes and sizes with pet canines ranging from the tiniest Toy Poodle to the the biggest Great Dane on either side of the Mississippi. We take care of our beloved pooches in a wide variety of residential establishments that include the common suburban home, double-wide trailers, the largest country estate, or city apartments that measure only a hundred square feet. Our dogs are well-fed, well groomed, have plenty of toys, and get plenty of treats. But do they get enough exercise? Come to think of it, how much exercise does my dog need?

Believe it or not, a dog is physically designed to do something. And that something is not to run around in a backyard all day long, barking at squirrels, and chasing the occasional tennis ball. Dogs need exercise translated as the ever intimidating walk – not just to get business done sniffing every spot along the way, but to satisfy an instinctual need to migrate. A daily walk at least thirty to forty-five minutes long will go a long way to satisfy this instinct which of course begs the question: Are you up for The Dog Walking Challenge?

A good thirty to forty-five minute walk for your dog at some point throughout the day exercises your dog’s natural desire to explore, which helps to relieve mental pressure brought about by boredom. This sort of mental and physical exertion fatigues your dog’s pent-up anxiety allowing for a more balanced demeanor. An exhausted dog equals a happier dog (as bizarre as that may sound).

But if for some reason you feel you cannot offer this sort of walking regimen for your pet, consider hiring a dog walker. Any Google search for services in your area will yield a variety of companies to chose from – such as Pawfect Love Pet Care in Manhattan. It’s a service your dog shouldn’t do without and one your pet will thank you for with good health.

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