Work Hard, Play Hard: Doggie Edition

Although we may think of dogs as cute, cuddly friends, the truth of the matter is that most pups were bred to work for a living. Unfortunately, much like their owners, dogs too have become vegetables, spending little to no time working on their fitness. (Monkey see, monkey do?)

The benefits of exercise—diminished behavioral problems, warding off obesity, and reduced […]

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The Power of Reiki for Your Pet

Touch has an important factor in the well-being of all living creatures, both human and animal. A loving touch not only soothes pain but also helps heal many injuries and illnesses. We use our hands to touch and soothe, while dogs, cats and horses lick and nuzzle their injuries and those of their companions. Infused with the warm energy of […]

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Splish Splash and We’re Taking a Bath!

Rub-a-dub-dub, three dogs in a tub! The ASPCA recommends dogs be bathed every three months, though Fido would greatly appreciate more tub time during the summer months.

To get the most out of bath time, start by giving your pet a thorough brushing, removing all loose hair and any clumpy mats. Fill the basin with about four inches high worth of […]

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A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down!

Like visits to the dentist and oil changes, taking medicine is a part of routine life for most of us, but one we wish we could avoid. The same goes for our furry friends and their need for medication every now and again. From pills and tablets to injections, here’s the skinny on safely administering canine medication in your home.


Wedge […]

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Beware of the Mighty Mite

Disclaimer, folks: This is not a pretty topic. But that doesn’t make it all the more worthy of conversation. Mites are highly contagious between felines and canines, but cannot be transmitted to humans, and are most often found in the ears of puppies.

The small but mighty ear mite lives in the ear canals of dogs and cats. While the insects […]

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Nature’s Medicine

Julia Szabo swears by herbal remedies, for humans and canines. The six-time author and Dogster contributor has used natural substances for years, and she recently shared some of her favorites with Dogster readers. Herbs’ potencies are not to be underestimated, though. As with any medication—natural or synthetic—check with your veterinarian first.


Campfire incident? Flaky skin? Azadirachta indica, an extract of […]

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Summer Sun Safety

The summer solstice is upon us, and while we shed our pea coats and parkas, so do our pets. With the warmer months, we also begrudgingly welcome an influx of potentially harmful insects.

The ubiquitous mosquito is enemy No. 1 for dogs and cats. Mosquitoes carry the heartworm parasite, which is most prevalent in the southeastern United States. Put simply, […]

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Perfecting the Paw Pedicure

If we could get inside our pets’ minds, we would bet that nail trimming is to animals what the dentist is to humans: Not. Fun. While you may see nail trimming as a cosmetic need, for dogs and cats, it’s actually a comfort need. Overgrown, long nails make walking or running uncomfortable and can eventually cause soreness in the […]

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Caring for Your Pet’s Pearly Whites

Don’t ignore those chompers! While annual dental exams are one thing, keeping your pet’s teeth shining in between time is another. It’s best to start a regimen when the animal is young, but there are techniques that can ease adult animals into home dental care.

For starters, introduce your pet teeth brushing by dipping a finger into a solution they’re […]

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Learn the Language of Canine

This isn’t an offering you’ll find on the list of Rosetta Stone languages, but it is one that Hungarian researchers have found we humans are quite good at. Listen to the vocals of the dogs recorded for this PBS interactive exercise. How sharp are you in dog speak?  […]

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