A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down!

Like visits to the dentist and oil changes, taking medicine is a part of routine life for most of us, but one we wish we could avoid. The same goes for our furry friends and their need for medication every now and again. From pills and tablets to injections, here’s the skinny on safely administering canine medication in your home.


Wedge your thumb into the open space behind the canine teeth and press up. When the mouth opens, apply pressure to the lower jaw with your other thumb. Slip the pill to the very back of the tongue and close the dog’s mouth, massaging the throat until the dog swallows. You’ll know the pill is down the hatch when the dog licks its nose.


For this type of medicine, you’ll need a needleless plastic syringe or eyedropper. Almost all liquid meds should be aimed into the cheek pouch. Tilt the dog’s chin up and slowly let the liquid go. (If you go too fast, it could startle the animal, and even worse, be difficult to swallow.) Never try to shoot the liquid straight down the pup’s throat.


We don’t recommend that injections are given at home, due to the risks associated with all injections, including allergic reaction. All Pawfect Love employees are trained to administer these various types of medicine. If your dog or cat must be placed on a regimen, call today to set up a convenient schedule for you and your pet.