Filtered Water Or Not?

Summer is nearly upon us. Which means: Water! And quite like us, water makes up about 60%of your dogs total body mass. Which means: replenish or die…or at least feel less than adequate. As a general rule, your dog should be consuming about one ounce of water per pound of body weight every day. So if your pet weighs in at 50 pounds, they should be drinking about 50 ounces a day – filtered or unfiltered. Your choice!

Are you wondering whether filtered or unfiltered is best? Or if there is even a difference! The quick answer is, No: there really isn’t a difference between filtered and unfiltered water. Unfiltered tap water from the faucet may contain chlorine for purity, along with trace minerals found naturally. To get rid of the chlorine, fill up a pitcher and place in the refrigerator for about a half hour. That’s it! Unless there is an issue with the quality of the pipes in your residence, tap water straight from the faucet is perfectly safe. If you do know of any plumbing issues (or are suspicious) – such as old, rusty pipes or lead – by all means either install an easy to assemble water purifier straight onto the faucet or use bottled water, instead.

But how do you know if the bottled water you buy in the store is not simply from the municipal water supply? Check the label. Manufacturers can only claim “spring water” if it has been verified to be from an actual spring. Otherwise, the bottle will read things like “purified” or “distilled” and most likely filtered from a municipal water source in another state.

The only real difference in water sources, however, is taste. All the same, do not allow your dog to drink from puddles, lakes, ponds, streams, or communal water bowls at dog parks due to the possible contraction of harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites like Giardia (softened water is also not recommended due to the salts used to soften the water). Always carry a fresh water supply of your own and remember that during hot weather your dog will drink almost three times the amount of water they would normally consume.

A well hydrated dog in the summer is a happy, healthy, active dog. Someone you would definitely want to be around to enjoy the best season of the year. Have fun!

Article Source: Pet MD (