Give Your Pet a Staycation

It may be tempting to bring your best canine or feline friend on vacation, think twice before booking for the both of you. Hurdles at the airport, in finding suitable lodging, and state-to-state laws can make it difficult to travel trouble free with your dog or cat.

Plane and Car Trips: Check with your chosen airline before you book a trip for you and a furry one. Vet-certified notes are most definitely required, and some airlines won’t even allow pets at certain times of the year. Cargo space is not luxurious—read: not heated, not quiet. As for cars, depending on location, they can get quite hot, and pets are especially in danger should even a minor accident occur.

Hotels: There are indeed hotels and motels that allow pets, but often times, the fine print notes that the animal cannot be left in the room, making it awfully difficult to get away to explore a new place.

H20: Drinking water different from what we’re used to can wreak havoc on your pet, causing stomach irritation and diarrhea. Who wants to deal with that?

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