Work Hard, Play Hard: Doggie Edition

Although we may think of dogs as cute, cuddly friends, the truth of the matter is that most pups were bred to work for a living. Unfortunately, much like their owners, dogs too have become vegetables, spending little to no time working on their fitness. (Monkey see, monkey do?)

The benefits of exercise—diminished behavioral problems, warding off obesity, and reduced digestion issues—far outweigh the negatives that arise from a sedentary lifestyle. Each breed has its own exercise style, and to that end, you should check with your vet before launching into a marathon-style program.

Generally speaking, bloat-prone breeds, like German shepherds, Dobermans, and Great Danes, should not do anything too strenuous after meals. Flat-nosed dogs need to be closely monitored during any type of cardiovascular activity, even light walking, and large dogs’ are more prone to arthritis, so any type of prolonged jogging is not recommended.

Swimming, walking, and jumping exercises are great, dependent on breed, and don’t require much from the owner. Consider this exercise thing something you can do together and enjoy together, just as you would a regimen with a friend. Does work keep you at the office late and without time for a daily workout? Shoot us an e-mail. We love working out.